Saturday, 13 July 2013

EduExam is Online Computer Based Exam Software

More and more institutes and organizations are changing from the familiar paper-based examination methods to computer-based testing. EduExam provide innovative examination process and assessment solutions to Educational Institutions, Government/ PSU sector and leading corporate entities. EduExam is a product of ArthInfosoft.

EduExam is a freeware to create computer based tests that allows the user to conduct computerised examinations. Computer based tests have become so popular these days, especially when the exam involves objective questions and answers. Eduexam is advanced, online test generator software with powerful & customizable features, which help instructors and teachers to create online tests, quizzes & exams for employees or students. Our Online Examination Software allows you to easily select any combination of settings below to suit your requirements.

Computer-based tests can be administered over the internet, or in examination centers with a number of computers that are connected to a central computer or server. In this way, a large number of candidates can take a test without the difficulties presented by printing, distributing and evaluating hundreds or thousands of test papers. EduExam offers administrators and faculties the opportunity to save time, obtains greater administrative control, and enhance exam security while giving students a dynamic user experience.

Each candidate sees a random selection of questions in a given section, so that every test is made unique and fewer variations are needed to prevent cheating. During such situations inserting a picture /Graph becomes necessary. EduExam has a feature that allows the user to include graphics along with the questions. Adaptive tests provide a more accurate analysis of a candidate’s level of ability than simple CBTs, using fewer questions and therefore less time. EduExam is the first fully customizable software for online exam that you can mould as per your requirements.

Eduexam is a blessing for both - the creators and the takers of the exam. The excellent analytical reports make quality improvement in organizations now at your fingertips. It also helps to reduce the cost of paper and other stationery required for exams as well as the administrative hurdle is also been reduced due to the exam software. It is most powerful user online exam test creator software available in the academic market at affordable price.

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