Monday, 21 October 2013

Web Based Online Exam Software Is A Great Assessment Tool For Any Reason

Online exam software is the one that is easy to use, loads faster, and can be customized to suit the specified needs of an organization. Keeping up with the advancement in technology, today most organizations from schools to corporate and commercial establishments are using computerized tools to conduct assessments for various needs such as evaluation of students understanding to recruitment of employees.

Online exam software is test management software that enables conducting of assessments using computers and other electronic devices connected via internet, facilitating the conduct of tests, preparing specific questions, etc.

These softwares are meticulously designed to test the understanding of a candidate on a specific topic. Such assessment becomes necessary to track the progress of students. As such the exams are to be designed and administered in a very safe, secure and thought out manner. Questions have to be designed on the complexity of the problem, starting from less complex question to high complex ones, etc. also it is important to maintain the safety and privacy of such question papers. Making sure that the questions are not leaked before the exam is conducted, is also an important task at hand for test administers.

Towards this end such softwares are designed with utmost privacy levels and also with such data analytical tools and other functions to enable the flow of questions in the order of their complexity. In general, online exam softwares contain modules for administrators and for students, and access is limited with passwords.

Different Modules Of Online Exam Software:
  • The admin modules lets you to add, instructors, test takers, category of exams, and also helps you set the exam level.
  • Instructor modules help in administering the exam by assigning the tests to the candidates, and also monitor their progress, attendance etc. schedule exams, creating tests, assigning tests, monitor attendance, view results, etc.
  • Student module lets the test takers take the test, submit the test and receive feedback and results.
Web Based Examination Software Is Easy To Use

In a global village, the geographical boundaries are shrinking; people can take online courses sitting in their country, in their home and still be able to complete assessments. Also companies from world over are using the skills of manpower in different parts of the world, all of this makes it imperative to conduct tests for a worldwide test takers. Web based examination software is of great help for such purposes. Using this software questions papers; test can be assigned to candidates anywhere in the world.

Arthinfosoft, a leading software developer has been developing such software for online exam for close to a decade now. Their premier online exam software has been designed keeping in view the specific requirements of entrance tests for engineering and medical colleges.

Online exam software makes it easy for conducting tests and also helps students and teachers track their performance and do better in the future exams, with the many data analysis tools included in these softwares.

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